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Safeguarding Your Rights In The Workplace

Terrence Bouvier Robinson

July 2018 Archives

Age discrimination doesn't have a place in the workforce

Age shouldn't be a factor in most job situations. It is true that some jobs, including those that involve serving alcohol, can't be given to people who are too young. Besides instances in which the law requires a person to be within a specific age group, there isn't any good reason for employers to think of age when they hire employees.

You shouldn't face work discrimination because of your disability

There are many different disabilities that people in the United States struggle with. Sometimes, a disability is the result of a genetic condition, an injury during birth, or an injury or illness earlier in life. Other times, people can become suddenly injured as adults. Degenerative conditions, like multiple sclerosis, or even mental health conditions, like post-traumatic stress disorder, can be a source of disability for workers.

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