Safeguarding Your Rights In The Workplace

Have you been treated unlawfully where you work?
TB Robinson Law Group, PLLC will stand with you.

Skilled Advocacy In Employment Law

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TB Robinson Law Group, PLLC, is a Houston firm that addresses issues of employee mistreatment. Our firm provides results-oriented representation in cases involving discrimination on the basis of age, sex, race, pregnancy and disability. We represent whistleblowers and take action when they suffer retaliation in the workplace. We work diligently to achieve results in cases involving wage and hour disputes, overtime, and other employment law issues.

In these and other matters, you can depend on the attorneys at TB Robinson Law Group, PLLC, to provide vigorous representation, insightful counsel and quality legal solutions.

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Green Cards
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Small Business
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“If you want results TB Robinson Law Group is your #1 option.

Mr. Robinson and his staff handled my case with the utmost professionalism,
returning calls, emails in a prompt manner. I highly recommend them.

A Record Of Success

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T.B. Robinson has proven himself in hundreds of cases like yours. Mr. Robinson’s papers and articles have appeared in leading Texas publications. He has earned the respect of legal colleagues and the appreciation of his clients. T.B. Robinson stands ready to seek results for you.

We Resolve Green Card Problems

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Immigration law is another area of focus. Our lawyers help individuals in need of a green card or whose green cards are about to expire. We also help small businesses get green cards for eligible workers and address other employment law issues.


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We are the TB Robinson Law Group, your employment and immigration law firm. You can depend on us for insightful counsel, resolute representation and responsive service. Call us today at 832-548-9399 so we can discuss potential solutions for your problem.