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Safeguarding Your Rights In The Workplace

Terrence Bouvier Robinson

Houston Legal Blog

Gender discrimination remains all too common in the workplace

Your ability to do your job has nothing to do with your gender. Men and women can perform the same jobs, receive the same schooling and achieve the same success in any career. However, some industries remain primarily male-dominated, and some employers continue to discriminate against employees and potential employees on the basis of their sex. That kind of discrimination is illegal, but the law can't prevent people from acting on their biases.

Sex-based discrimination is the practice of treating someone differently in a job because of one's gender. Some employers may actively discriminate against applicants or employees of a particular gender, while others may simply create a hostile work environment by fostering the wrong kind of culture. If you believe your workplace engages in sex-based discrimination, you should take steps to further educate yourself about your rights.

Religious discrimination can't be tolerated in the workforce

Many protected statuses exist to ensure that employers aren't discriminating against employees based on these factors since they don't impact a person's ability to do their job duties. A person's gender, race and age are a few protected statuses. Religion is another one.

Some people don't realize how religious beliefs and practices might come into the picture when it comes to employment. There are a few ways that employees may need accommodations by employers in order to comply with their religion's requirements. Here are some points to remember about religious discrimination and accommodations in the workplace:

Workplaces shouldn't be filled with hostilities

The workplace shouldn't be a place where workers have to deal with more stress than what is actually required for the job. Sadly, some employees are having to deal with hostile workplaces. This can make it hard for people to go to work each day.

There are times when a hostile workplace can have negative impacts on the workers. When the hostility is due to something illegal, employees might choose to take action. Here are some points to know about a hostile work space:

Customer happiness can't come at an employee's expense

Employees who work with the public often face irate customers. The issue isn't that customers don't have a right to be upset when things go wrong, it is that employees can't be subjected to discriminatory or harassing behavior while they are on the clock.

Some people might not think that businesses are responsible for how customers behave. Even though this seems like a tough spot for a company, it is responsible for ensuring that employees aren't harassed while they are at work. This is true even when the harasser is a customer.

Are you employed? If so, you have rights

Your rights as an employee go beyond getting a paycheck every two weeks. In fact, your Houston employer might have many obligations to you that you are unaware of. For example, if you work for an accounting firm, your employer cannot force you to work off the clock in order to keep the firm's effective billing rate as high as possible even if other employees agree to perform non-paid work.

While some employment laws vary from state to state, there are federal laws that apply to most, if not all, employers. The following overview of federal employment laws can help you understand more about your rights as an employee.

Impacts of employment discrimination, even when it is subtle

When some individuals think about workplace discrimination claims, they might mistakenly think that the complainant is just being sensitive. This misconception has been causing problems for a long time, especially when the discrimination is subtle.

Employment discrimination has a host of impacts, some of which affect the employee and others that impact the clients or patrons of the business. It is imperative that everyone understands exactly what can happen when employers are allowed to discriminate against employees at will.

Leaving a discriminatory workplace: 2 helpful tips

No one wants to be in a workplace where he or she feels threatened, harassed or discriminated against. It's equally as frustrating to be terminated based on your gender, sexual preferences, disability or other reasons.

As someone who needs to protect his or her job, it's important that you keep track of why you're being terminated. If it turns out that the termination was wrongful, you can seek a claim against your boss and, in some cases, try to take back your job.

Disabilities must not be basis of discrimination at work

The workforce in America is diverse. Keeping it that way and providing opportunities to the citizens and immigrants here is one thing that keeps this country moving forward. Sadly, some employers decide that discrimination is perfectly acceptable.

The law disagrees with this. Employers can't discriminate against people based on protected statuses. One of these protected statuses is a disability.

Religious discrimination and harassment require swift action

Many different forms of discrimination can occur in the workplace. One that isn't often discussed is religious discrimination. This type of discrimination isn't always easy to spot, so employees must pay close attention to what is being said and done in the workplace.

Religious discrimination is forbidden by federal and state laws. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 provides protection on the federal level. Texas Labor Code Chapter 21 offers protection at the state level. Here's what you need to know:

Signs that might point to age discrimination

As the majority of the population is getting older, age discrimination is becoming much more prevalent in the workplace. You may have recently seen management force one of your colleagues into retirement, or maybe you heard a story about another friend in the Houston area that did not get a job because he was not a good fit with the culture of the company. Unfortunately, there are several ways that employers can hide age discrimination in the workplace.

If you have concerns that you might be a victim of age discrimination, there are certain signs that you can look for. Read below to find out more about age discrimination indicators.

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