Impacts of employment discrimination, even when it is subtle

When some individuals think about workplace discrimination claims, they might mistakenly think that the complainant is just being sensitive. This misconception has been causing problems for a long time, especially when the discrimination is subtle.

Employment discrimination has a host of impacts, some of which affect the employee and others that impact the clients or patrons of the business. It is imperative that everyone understands exactly what can happen when employers are allowed to discriminate against employees at will.

Reduced diversity in the workplace

A diverse workplace is one that can cater to many different patrons. Without diversity in the company, current employees might feel like they aren’t welcome. This can create a hostile work environment. There is a chance that workers who are having to deal with discrimination will leave, which will lead to even more exclusivity when it comes to the types of workers who are desired.

Alienated clients or patrons

Clients and patrons who come into an establishment fraught with discrimination might feel uncomfortable. In other cases, they might feel encouraged to discriminate against the employees who fall into a minority. This is unacceptable and is something that the employers should fight against because discrimination complaints can be launched against customers or vendors. It is possible for workers to be harassed by people who aren’t employed by the employer and still hold the employer accountable.

Financial implications of discrimination

Discrimination complaints can hurt a company’s bottom line, but that isn’t the financial implication that victims are concerned with. Victims of discrimination might take off of work often to get away from the abuse. They might even be forced to quit or end up being fired. In all of these cases, the income of that person is being impacted. This economic impact often affects the employee the most.

Emotional effects for the employee

Dealing with unrelenting discrimination at work is hard. The stress of going to work can lead to other emotional issues. Some employees might begin to suffer from depression and other mental health issues as a result of the discrimination. This is one of the points that makes this type of issue at work a raw deal for employees.

In all cases of employment discrimination, no matter what protected status is being targeted, the employees who are discriminated against might choose to take legal action. In some cases, the discrimination moves into other realms, such as retaliation for making complaints about discrimination. These are difficult situations for the employees, but finding ways to handle them can often be empowering.

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