Man files race discrimination suit against city

A black employee in another state recently claimed that the city he worked for discriminated against him. Specifically, he claimed that he was the victim of false sexual harassment claims and was prevented from receiving a promotion due to his race. He has thus filed a federal suit against the municipality. Likewise, anyone in Texas who experiences race discrimination has the right to seek justice through the civil court system.

The man in the recent out-of-state case initially worked for his city’s drainage and sewer division. However, he claimed that he was then moved to the city’s streets division as a result of discriminatory conduct. When he pursued another position he was reportedly qualified for, he had to complete a test, although a Caucasian applicant ultimately received the job. Around this same time, the man was reportedly accused of engaging in sexual harassment — something he asserted that he had never done.

The man claimed that the purpose of the sexual harassment allegations and test was to keep him from being promoted. Once he complained about this to the city’s diversity office, he was reportedly threatened with disciplinary action. He then decided to sue the city.

Sometimes, companies allow race discrimination to happen, and unfortunately, this can have a negative impact on an employee’s career prospects. However, individuals in Texas who experience this type of discrimination have the right to file discrimination suits against their employers. If they are successful, they may receive monetary compensation and may also be reinstated in their jobs if the discrimination caused them to be terminated. An understanding of what facts must be proved will likely be critical to succeed in this type of case.

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