Professor files pregnancy discrimination suit against college

An assistant professor of finance at a college in another state recently asserted that she was mistreated due to being pregnant. The woman has therefore decided to file a discrimination lawsuit against her employer. In the same manner, a woman who faces pregnancy discrimination in Texas has the right to seek justice through the civil court system.

In the recent out-of-court case, the professor claimed that she had earned excellent ratings at her college, and her peers respected her. However, she claimed that, after she gave birth to a fourth child and then became pregnant once again, she began to be mistreated at work. For instance, she was reportedly taken out of the college’s newly formed MBA program and was forced to instruct lower-level classes.

In addition, her colleagues reportedly made petty comments to her regarding dirty diapers as well as birthing too many people. The woman furthermore claimed that the school decided not to renew her contract for the year of 2020 after she complained about the treatment she was receiving. According to the lawsuit, the treatment she endured caused her to suffer a miscarriage.

Sometimes, companies discriminate against pregnant women even though this is against federal and state law. Fortunately, individuals who face pregnancy discrimination in the workplace in Texas have the right to file lawsuits against their employers with the goal of righting any wrongs that have been committed. A suit that is fought successfully might lead to back pay or the reinstatement of a job, depending on the circumstances surrounding the discrimination suit.

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