Policewoman files pregnancy discrimination suit against employer

A female police officer in a nearby state says she lost out on the opportunity to make a career move due to being pregnant. She has filed a lawsuit against her employer. Likewise, anyone in Texas who faces pregnancy discrimination has the right to seek to hold the employer accountable through the civil court system.

The woman claimed that when she became pregnant, she lost the opportunity to switch to a new police squad. She reportedly asked to switch squads and had the necessary seniority to do so. In addition, her attorney noted that she had a strong reputation in her police department.

When it was discovered that the woman was pregnant, a sergeant allegedly attempted to keep her transition from taking place. The sergeant is said to have complained about having a pregnant officer on a squad with him, as he feared that she would need to take on lighter duties over time, which would be burdensome.  The woman did file a complaint regarding this, but she ended up suffering a miscarriage. She asserted that the rejection she endured at work caused her stress, and this caused her to miscarry.

Just like race and gender, pregnancy is protected under federal labor legislation. Unfortunately, sometimes companies in Texas and elsewhere still allow pregnancy discrimination to occur. In these situations, the victims of this type of discrimination may file civil lawsuits in an effort to correct any wrongs that have been committed. A successfully litigated claim may lead to remedies such as compensatory damages for any emotional harm caused by the discrimination, as well as any other financial losses resulting from the discrimination.

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