Former university HR exec files race, gender discrimination suit

A former human resources (HR) vice president at a university in another state recently claimed that her employer discriminated against her during her tenure there. The woman, who is black, has therefore filed a lawsuit against the university, seeking damages totaling at least two million dollars for the alleged gender and race discrimination she faced there. Employees in Texas who face discrimination in the workplace may likewise seek to hold their employers accountable in civil court.

In the out-of-state discrimination case, the former HR vice president asserted that the university consistently discriminated and retaliated against her, which made it difficult for her to enjoy and perform her job. The woman claimed that, as a result of the alleged discrimination she endured, she felt powerless, isolated and worthless. These feelings reportedly ended up taking a toll on her personal life along with her work life.

In her lawsuit, the woman pointed out multiple alleged incidents of discrimination in particular. In one incident, she was allegedly demoted due to her race and gender. In another incident, she was reportedly intimidated and threatened. Most of the woman’s colleagues were men and were not minorities.

Employment discrimination is illegal, according to federal and state law, but unfortunately, it still occurs in today’s workplaces. When people in Texas face workplace discrimination, it is within their rights to seek damages. In a successfully litigated lawsuit, the plaintiff may receive back pay, the reinstatement of his or her job, or even punitive damages, depending on his or her particular circumstances.

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