Former female police officer files workplace discrimination suit

A former police officer in another state recently claimed that she was mistreated on the basis of her gender. She also asserted that she was the victim of retaliation at her workplace. The officer thus decided to file a lawsuit against her employer. Individuals in Texas who experience discrimination and retaliation in the workplace can likewise seek justice through the civil court system.

The former officer in the recent out-of-state case claimed that the police chief she used to work under did not treat her in the same way they treated the department’s male officers. The police chief is also accused of denying the officer a female uniform. In addition, the woman claimed that her supervisor also called her vile names and insulted her in the presence of the other officers.

The police chief furthermore allegedly told the male police officers to ignore the woman’s calls for help in emergency situations. The woman claimed that, when she complained about the mistreatment, she was retaliated against by being asked to resign. She was reportedly told that, otherwise, she would be fired.

Sometimes, employers treat certain workers inappropriately due to protected factors, such as sex, and they may also retaliate against these workers if they choose to speak up about the discrimination they have faced. However, both of these actions are against the law in Texas and throughout the remainder of the United States. Fortunately, victims of such treatment have the right to file discrimination claims against their employers in these situations. If they are successful, they may receive monetary relief or even be reinstated to their jobs, depending on the nature of their situations.

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