2 women file sex discrimination suit against distillery

Two women in another state recently accused their former employer, a distillery, of treating them unfairly due to their sex. The two women have thus filed a discrimination lawsuit against the establishment. Likewise, anyone in Texas who is a victim of sex discrimination has the right to seek justice through the civil court system.

According to the two women’s recently filed lawsuit, the distillery had made comments that were discriminatory against multiple female employees. In addition, the company reportedly created an atmosphere that was sexually charged. The company was also accused of constantly denying women promotions even though they were more qualified than the men who ended up receiving them.

The woman claimed in their lawsuit that, even though they complained to the human resources department about how they were being treated, the department did nothing to address it. In addition, the company’s chief executive officer at the time reportedly told one of the women that she would not be able to maintain her position after he learned that she was expecting. The two women are seeking a total of $560,000 in damages in light of the alleged discrimination.

Employment discrimination on the basis of sex is illegal, but unfortunately, some companies in Texas and elsewhere still allow it to happen. Those who are subjected to this type of treatment, however, have the right to file discrimination suits against their employers, seeking damages. An understanding of what must be proved will likely be necessary to succeed in this type of civil court case in the Lone Star State.

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