Former professor files religious discrimination suit

A former university professor in another state recently claimed that he and other professors were discriminated against in the workplace. He thus decided to file a discrimination lawsuit against the university. Employees in Texas who suffer religious discrimination can likewise seek to hold their employers accountable in civil court.

In the recent out-of-state employment discrimination case, the former professor who filed a lawsuit against his previous employer asserted that he had worked at the university for over 15 years. However, his department received a new chair back in 2016. At that time, the new chair reportedly began to eliminate workers in an effort to add younger and thus less expensive staff to the department.

As a result of the new chair’s alleged efforts, half of the department’s long-term employees were ultimately removed. In addition, the new chair allegedly terminated all Jewish faculty. The former professor claimed that the chair had complained to the university about accommodating Jewish holidays as well. The plaintiff reported that he ended up losing his job in March of 2017.

Federal law prohibits employment discrimination based on protected factors like religious beliefs. However, sometimes, employers in Texas and elsewhere still mistreat workers based on their belief systems. Fortunately, employees who experience such discrimination can file claims against their employers in an effort to right any wrong that has been committed. A claim that is fought successfully may result in monetary damages or even the reinstatement of a job and back pay, depending on the facts of the employment discrimination case.

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