Is your employer violating payday laws?

No one should be forced to work for free. When employers fail to pay workers, they violate a fundamental agreement. More importantly, payday violations threaten employee’s livelihoods and ability to care for themselves and their families.

Every year, thousands of workers experience pay issues. Recently, more than 70 truck drivers in Texas came forward after alleged payday violations. If your employer is withholding wages or not paying you on time, you have the right to a payday claim.

How Texas payday laws protect you

Texas implemented worker protections, including the Texas Payday Law as a way to ensure employers uphold their end of employment agreements. The law includes commissions, bonuses and wages of many kinds.

Under the laws, you can hold your employer accountable. The process is complex. However, in simplified terms, filing a claim works like this:

  • An employee submits a notice that their employer failed to compensate them for their work.
  • The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) opens a case file and begins an investigation
  • The TWC reviews your case and holds a hearing for you to offer evidence and for your employer to respond to the claim
  • Then, you will receive a ruling on your case

Because the hearings involve witness interrogations, evidence and many procedural steps, you likely should hire an attorney.

Why file aclaim?

Many workers hesitate to file a claim—either because they think that they have waited too long or that their employer will retaliate. It is true that you only have 180 days from they payment due date to file, but you are entitled to compensation, and state law prohibits retaliation. It is worth it to find out your options and to talk to someone who can advise you personally.

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