How to prove workplace discrimination

Work is supposed to be a place of equal opportunities, but sadly it is still possible to be discriminated against, whether it be for sex, age or race. While workplace discrimination is illegal for protected classes, it still happens.

If you feel that you are being discriminated against at work, here are some things you can do to help proveĀ discrimination.

Keep note of all verbal conversations

The best chance at winning a discrimination case is to have direct evidence. Direct evidence can include statements that directly relate to the discrimination of your protected class.

If an employer tells you that they are letting you go relating to your age or gender, this counts as direct evidence. Write down exactly what the employer said to you and the time and date the interaction occurred. It is also beneficial to keep track of any signs of discrimination during employment. By keeping track of these conversations, you’ll have evidence to aid you in your case.

Keep all relevant emails or letters

Never delete any emails with the person you feel is discriminating you. Emails are another example of direct evidence and will be the most useful when it comes to building a case because they’re tangible. Print out copies of all email interactions. If you have any notes or letters from the person, it’s important to keep a copy of those as well.

Look at how the business is treating other employees

Sadly, direct evidence can be extremely hard to come by. If there is no direct evidence of any kind, you’ll have to take a closer look into how the business is treating other employees. This can be a lot harder to prove since a difference in treatment is not always unlawful if there was a legitimate reason for a difference in treatment.

If something happens to you that does not happen to a person of a different race, sex or gender, it may be helpful to look into why it may have happened. Is the other person more qualified? Did you violate a rule in the workplace? If not, it may be possible to build a case.

You should not have to suffer from any discrimination, especially at your job. Building up evidence and working with your lawyer is the best option to fight for equality in your workplace.

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