Accommodations employers must make for religious practices

People in Houston practice different religions. Also, people that practice the same religion may practice it in different ways. Some religions require certain styles of dress or require certain activities or prayer during the day. Most religions also have certain days throughout the year that they celebrate certain important events within the religion. These events may require the people to not work or attend certain services or ceremonies. When these things occur, people may need to take time off work to observe them.

Employers may not always like it that certain employees where certain attire or need to take time off for certain religious events, but they cannot discriminate against them because of their religious practices. This means that they cannot treat them differently in ways that have adverse effects on their employment simply because of their religion. In addition to that they must also make reasonable accommodations so people can continue to work and practice their religion.

Reasonable accommodations by employers

Employees must make accommodations unless the accommodations create an undue hardship on the employer. Examples of reasonable accommodations may be exceptions to the dress code, allowing days of for religious ceremonies, allowing breaks at different times for prayer and other ways to allow the employee to work and practice their religion.

Accommodations may cause undue hardships if the accommodation is too costly, affects job safety for everyone, infringes on other employees’ rights, forces other employees to do more hazardous work and other ways that make it very difficult on the employer or other employees.

People in Houston have a right to practice the religion they wish to practice. No matter what religion they practice though, they will also need to work in order to earn an income and provide for themselves and their families. If employers do not provide reasonable accommodations for employees to allow them to practice their chosen religion, they may be required to compensate the employee for the damages they cause. These are very complicated and fact-specific matters though and consulting with experienced attorneys could be beneficial.

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