Threats, improper questions spark workplace discrimination claim

In Texas, working in sales can be lucrative. For retail workers, they must not only deal with customers, but interact with colleagues effectively. In some cases, that can lead to disagreements and abusive behavior. If this occurs, workers expect to have an outlet to lodge complaints with human resources. Unfortunately, there can be failures at every level with repeated inappropriate behavior. For workers who are subjected to sexual harassment, abusive behavior and other forms of workplace wrongdoing, a legal filing can be a strategy to address the issues effectively.

T-Mobile employee says she faced workplace abuse and inappropriate questions

A woman who worked as a sales representative at a T-Mobile store has filed a lawsuit claiming she was discriminated against. According to her, she has been an employee for the company for almost seven years. She says that during an interaction with a customer, a coworker became irrationally angry at her, was aggressive and appeared as if he would become violent. Other workers intervened to prevent the matter from escalating further. She complained to the manager, but rather than penalizing the colleague, the woman was transferred to another store where there were fewer customers, hindering her sales opportunities. She then complained to human resources.

After the complaint was received, she was contacted by a man who questioned her about her private life in an inappropriate way, asking if she sought money via the internet and was supported by a man in exchange for companionship. Even when she protested, the questioning continued. She said she believed she was being sexually harassed, compounding the incident with the colleague at her original store. The company offered her a settlement, which she declined. The case is moving forward while she is on a medical leave of absence from work. The company says it investigated the allegations and that they are without merit.

Those victimized by workplace wrongdoing should be protected

There is a litany of accusations in this case and apparent failures at several levels of the employer-employee relationship process. The woman says she was subjected to workplace discrimination, was sexually harassed and dealt with retaliation all for protesting about a fellow employee’s threatening behaviors. With cases like these, it is important for workers to know they have rights. Even with greater attention paid to workers being treated appropriately and having recourse when they are not, these actions still happen. To address it, having professional advice is a useful first step.

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