Safeguarding Your Rights In The Workplace

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Actively Defending Houston Employers

We offer advice on how to address an employment law problem, or we will do the employer defense legwork ourselves to comply with legal requirements.

  • What to do to avoid discrimination charges
  • Dealing with discrimination charges
  • Policies and procedures — what is allowed
  • Employee handbooks that are legal and effective
  • Dealing with disciplinary and termination situations
  • What constitutes a hostile work environment
  • Staying on the right side of wage and hour rules
  • Overtime and tipping issues
  • Green card and visa issues

When you are struggling with any of these issues, call us at 832-548-9399.

Quality Counsel For South Texas Businesses

We understand that it is difficult to achieve compliance on all these fronts, especially when you are already busy running your company. At the TB Robinson Law Group, PLLC, we take many of these burdens off the shoulders of hardworking business owners.

Our firm can help you put in place policies and procedures that can enable you to comply with federal and Texas employment laws. We can help you properly classify exempt and nonexempt employees, so that you do not get hit by an overtime lawsuit. If a problem does occur, we will work diligently to resolve it in a cost-effective manner.

Attorney Terrence B. Robinson and his law firm provide effective advice and representation at affordable rates. Let us be your on-call adviser to keep you on the right side of the law — so you can grow your business!

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