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Did You Report Your Employer For A Violation?

Small and large companies may struggle to comply with certain rules and regulations. In some cases, employers will choose a short cut rather than adhere to state or federal laws.

In other cases, employers may be unaware of best practices or they may accidentally violate laws. If you are facing retaliation after reporting your employer for a violation, you have rights under federal whistleblower laws.

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How Would I Be Protected By Whistleblower Rights?

After you report your Texas employer for violating the law, your employer may retaliate against you. Retaliation from your employer is illegal, and whistleblower rights may protect you from their retaliation.

Whistleblower rights protect employees for reporting their employer for an apparent violation, such as:

  • Payment from the government for false claims
  • Committing tax fraud
  • Securities fraud violations
  • Unlawful pollution practices
  • Workplace hazards

Learn More About The Federal Laws That Protect You

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