What is workplace retaliation?

No one likes to be told that they are doing something wrong, and that is particularly true in the world of employment. When a Texas worker sees something that just is not right in their workplace, they should not feel concerned about reporting it to their employer or the proper governing authority. However, for some workers, shining lights on wrongful behaviors or practices can put them in tenuous situations with their superiors and employers.

Retaliation is a real threat to some workers who choose to bring attention to wrongful acts, omissions, or behaviors occurring in their workplaces. For example, if an individual is subjected to harassment at the hands of their supervisor, they should be free to report the misconduct to their employer without feeling as though they may be reprimanded for their actions.

For some workers, reporting bad conduct or deeds can lead to serious threats to their employment. Workers have wrongfully lost their jobs, been demoted, and been deprived of work-related benefits for bringing attention to shortfalls or misdeeds practiced by their employers and agents of their employers. These unjust actions taken against workers are examples of retaliation, and under many state and federal statutes, retaliation is unlawful.

In order to pursue an employment action based on retaliation, a worker must be able to show that the activities that they were engaged in that resulted in the retaliation were protected under the law. They must also show that they were punished for engaging in the protected action by their employer. Different remedies exist to provide victims of retaliation with compensation for their losses.

Workplace retaliation is a serious problem for individuals who wish to do what is right even when it may threaten their livelihoods. Possible claims based on retaliation can be reviewed by lawyers who work in the employment discrimination field, and readers of this post should know that its contents provide no legal advice.

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